Summer 805-540-4544. Relaxing. Swedish, intuitive. (Mon by appointment)

Adriana  805-704-3341. Deep Tissue, Relaxing,  and more. (Wed, Fri, Sat by appointment)

Kaitlyn  805-801-8657. Myofascial, Deep Tissue, Trigger-Point, Sports Massage, PNF Stretching, Swedish,  Aromatherapy. 
(Mon & Wed) by appointment)

Joanie 805-748-5580. Relaxing, Hot Stones on request, Aromatherapy. Reflexology (Sat by appointment)

The following therapists use the space from time to time. They are available for appointments on as needed bases.

Deanna 805-471-3027. Relaxing. Lomi-Lomi. Hot Stones. Aromatherapy. 
Melesa 209-628-0884. Relaxing. Intuitive. Reiki, etc. 

You must call them directly and make an appointment. They work independently. 

ARE YOU A MASSAGE THERAPIST looking for a place to rent? 
Please, call Val at 805-909-1401

The Sanctuary has 3 fully furnished massage rooms with hot towel cubbies, table warmers, etc. All you need is your sheets and oils/lotion. 

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